BEHIND THE SCENES: Andrea Polk Founder of Solo Noir for Men

We recently had the opportunity to interview Andrea Polk, founder of Solo Noir, an ethnic skin care line for men founded in October 2011.  You may be wondering why a woman would create a product exclusively for men.  Simply put, there really wasn’t any niche for ethnic men’s skin care so Andrea created one.  She first shared her idea with a group of friends including a creative designer and a social media expert.  Next she spent years researching organic chemists to support her mission to create all natural skin care products.  Andrea’s final piece to the puzzle was finding a turnkey company that handles the packaging, labels, and shipping of Solo Noir.  She sent her artwork and formula to the turnkey company who made a few minor tweaks and then Andrea’s vision came to life.

Solo Noir makes grooming for men easy while keeping their skin fresh and healthy.  The line offers men a complete grooming kit of 2-in-1 organic products that help moisturize the skin, assist in the prevention of ingrown hairs, soften course facial hair, and promote smooth skin.  Currently, there are five products in the Solo Noir line each named for positive men’s attributes:

  • “Dapper” Cleanse + Tone
  • “Refined” Buff + Cleanse
  • “Smooth” Skin Conditioner + Smoother
  • “Brave” Aftershave + Toner
  • “Sleek” Pre Shave + Shave Cream

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