Comedian And TV Host Jonathan Slocumb Partners With Chicago Skin Care Company Solo Noir

Chicago, Illinois, March 8, 2013 – The city of Chicago has become synonymous with epic bouts of senseless violent deaths with its youth especially Black-on-Black and gang related crimes. Even President Barack Obama said during a speech last month at an anti-firearms rally in Chicago, “Last year, there were 443 murders with a firearm on the streets of this city, and 65 of those victims were 18 and under. So that’s the equivalent of Newtown every four months”. Actor/comedian/TV host Jonathan Slocumb is putting his name and resources to change the mindset of young Black men and boys around the country. The Los Angeles resident recently inked an endorsement deal to become the first national spokesman for Chicago-based company Solo Noir, which makes a complete line of grooming products for men of color featuring 100% organic 2-in-1 grooming products. As a part of his deal with Solo Noir he will be partnering with them to make visits to high schools, HBCUs, other colleges and community centers around the country. He will speak to young Black men about the importance of taking pride in how they physically present themselves, i.e. dressing for success, keeping their hands, face and skin well groomed and maintaining positive body language and a positive mindset. Slocumb is a firm believer that if you change the way a man dresses and thinks you will eventually change how he acts. –

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